5 Amazing Benefits of Sharing Knowledge as a Developer

5 Amazing Benefits of Sharing Knowledge as a Developer

This article shows you the benefits of sharing your knowledge as a developer

Catalin Pit
·Feb 12, 2021·

6 min read

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Sharing my knowledge online brought me a lot of benefits. Thus, I want to encourage you to take action and share yours. Of course, if you wish to; it's not mandatory to do it.

So, what are these benefits of sharing your knowledge online? The five benefits of sharing your expertise as a developer are as follows:

  • you deepen your understanding about a subject
  • you might get job opportunities and/or paid gigs
  • you help other people
  • you become part of a community
  • you save yourself troubles in the future when you encounter the same issues.

Without further ado, let's deep dive into each benefit.

Cement your knowledge

One of the most important benefits is that you cement your knowledge about the subject you are teaching. When you teach a topic, you have to research it to ensure you do not teach the wrong things. That forces you to go more in-depth and learn that subject better.

Moreover, you might learn something new. It's common knowledge that in tech things move fast. Maybe the subject you are teaching changed since you first learnt it. Thus, it's a great way to stay up-to-date.

In my case, every time I wrote or recorded a video about a specific topic, I learnt it better, and it stuck with me for longer. There is a quote that sums up this section perfectly. It says something along the lines "to teach is to learn twice".

Get opportunities

Sharing your knowledge online is a great way to open yourself to opportunities. Whatever they are - jobs, writing gigs, and so on. Having a blog and/or a video channel is like having a personal recruiter search for opportunities for you non-stop.

People looking at your content can get a rough idea about your knowledge and skills. For instance, because I wrote articles about AWS and JavaScript, various companies contacted me to write for them. Instead of searching for work, work finds you. Does not that sound good?

Of course, getting opportunities should be the result of your actions; not necessarily the goal. You might or might not get opportunities. It's not given, but it can happen! Therefore, share your knowledge online and see where that takes you!

Helping others

When you open your blog or your video channel, it feels like you are creating content for nobody. No one knows about it at first. But eventually, people will stumble upon your piece of content, and hopefully, they can learn something from it. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that your content helped other people too!

Therefore, there is not much to say about this section. You can help a lot of people by simply sharing your knowledge.

Become part of a community

Another benefit is that you can join and be part of various communities. You meet and hang out with like-minded people. Besides making friends and having fun, it can lead to collaborations and opportunities.

Moreover, being around knowledgeable people, you learn and improve better. They can guide you in the right directions, and you can do the same with others. Thus, being part of a community:

  • is fun
  • you make friends
  • you improve better and quicker
  • you are surrounded by like-minded people

It saves you future troubles

It's more likely to run into an issue more than once. As a result, it can be a waste of time to solve the same problem multiple times. Why not create an article or a video to explain your solution?

Every time you run into the same issue, you can go back to your material and quickly fix it. Besides that, other people likely have the same problem. Thus, you help others, as well.

Sharing your knowledge is a great way to document the solutions to your problems. It saves you and others.


The benefits listed in the article are not exhaustive. These are the benefits that I have experienced first-hand, but there might be others too.

I encourage you to start sharing your knowledge because you:

  • open yourself to opportunities
  • learn a subject better
  • become part of a community
  • help your future self and other people
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