6 Resources To Learn Vue.js As A Beginner

In this article, I want to show you the six resources I used to learn Vue.js as a complete beginner. Some of the resources are free, whereas some are paid.

1. Vue Mastery

Vue Mastery is an online learning platform that produces weekly lessons about Vue, and it has both free and premium content. The lessons or tutorials are both in video and article format. Thus, you can choose the format you like most.

The lessons are taught by professional engineers with years of experience in the industry. Moreover, you can find tutorials from the members of the Vue core team.

With that being said, here are some of the things you can learn on Vue Mastery:

  • Unit testing
  • Vuex
  • TypeScript with Vue
  • Authentication
  • Forms in Vue
  • Design patterns for components
  • Reactivity and Composition API
  • Nuxt

Of course, these are just some examples to highlight the variety of subjects, but there are more courses. Lastly, it's important to note that 25% of monthly payments go to the Vue project. I believe that is an amazing gesture!

With that being said, I recommend Vue Mastery if you want to learn Vue.

2. Official Documentation

The official documentation is often overlooked when it comes to technologies, programming languages, and so on. However, in some cases, the documentation is more than enough to learn about the tool.

The official documentation for Vue.js is no exception; it's excellent and a course on its own. Since it's the official documentation, it covers everything from basic to advanced concepts. Thus, it teaches you everything you need to know about Vue.js.

Also, it's important to note that the official documentation is not a one-time stop. You'll find yourself coming back to it from time to time.

With that being said, I highly recommend it. Even if you do not use it as your primary resource, use it to complement your learning from other resources.

3. Complete Vue Developer

The Zero to Mastery brand release courses of great quality, and the Vue.js course is no exception. It's one of the most comprehensive courses, and you can convince yourself by looking at the subjects covered.

The course is 29+ hours long, and it covers the following topics:

  • Vue fundamentals
  • Developer environment
  • Advanced Vue components
  • Vuex
  • Forms
  • Authentication
  • Routing
  • Directives
  • Testing
  • Composition API
  • Component Design Patterns

Moreover, you will build a handful of projects to practice the concepts. I consider that a big bonus because programming is a practical skill. You learn by doing, not by watching or reading. Thus, you will learn the concepts and then cement your knowledge by putting them into action.

Lastly, I trust and appreciate the quality of their courses so much that I accepted to be an affiliate. This course uses an affiliate link, and it's the only one I have accepted to be an affiliate for.

4. Vue School

Vue School is another great resource for learning Vue. It has 28 courses, 449 lessons and 34 hours worth of content. The lessons are taught by professional developers and industry experts.

Vue School is a freemium platform, which means they have both free and premium courses. The good thing about it is that it offers a purchasing power parity discount. Thus, if you are from a country with low buying power, you get a hefty discount.

One thing I enjoy about Vue school is that the courses are categorised by difficulty level:

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

This categorisation makes it very easy to start from the ground and learn your way up. With that being said, Vue School is a great resource!

5. Brad Traversy's Vue Course

I got my first taste of Vue from Brad's course, which is an excellent free course. This VueJS crash course covers all the basic concepts you need to get started with Vue.

Some of the concepts followed in the course are as follows:

  • building and using components
  • component properties
  • handling events
  • using the Vue CLI
  • implementing and using the Vue router
  • forms

The list of concepts is not exhaustive; the tutorial covers more, but I wanted to highlight the most important ones.

If you are wondering which resource to choose first, I recommend this course. By the end, you will be comfortable building simple Vue.js applications.

6. Net Ninja's Vue Course

Lastly, we have this great free course by Shaun Pelling, known as the Net Ninja. Even though it's not too comprehensive, it's a great starting point. There are 12 lessons, and you learn about:

  • Vue.js basics
  • Vue CLI
  • Forms and inputs
  • Vue router
  • Fetching data
  • Composition API

It's important to note that Shaun has a more in-depth, comprehensive course, but it's paid. Also, I want to mention that I did not take the paid course, but I heard good things about it. You can find it here.

With that being said, the free course is a great starting point, and I highly recommend it!


These are all the resources I used to learn Vue.js and even Nuxt. Each resource is great on its own, and they are even more powerful when you use them together.

Before you pay for some of the resources, I highly encourage you to try the free ones. Sometimes, you can learn enough just with free resources. If you think you need more, you can pay for the premium services too.

With that being said, if you know other resources, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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