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Amazing Web Development Resources 🔥🚀

In this article, I am going to present to you some amazing web development resources. These are resources I have only given to my newsletter subscribers until now. By the way, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

These resources range from Git information to colours, fonts and portfolio builders where you do not have to code a thing.


Recently, I have discovered a website called Animista CSS. The site allows you to create various animations. You can use them for your backgrounds, texts, entrances, exits and so on.

Check their website at, where you can play with the animations. Once you find an animation you like, all you have to do is to copy the code and use it on your website.


You use Git in any company, and any project you build. Why not learn it or deepen your knowledge about it? Let’s start with a basic introduction to Git. Check this fantastic Git guide. In this guide, you learn about Git, branches, workflow, tagging, logging and many more.

In addition, I put together some useful tips and tricks in a GitHub repository. These commands are meant to help you and save you some time. You can check the repository here. By the way, if it helps you, star 🌟 the repository, please!


This part of the article is the most consistent. I have a lot of resources for you when it comes to colours. Let’s start with happy hues. Happy hues is a website that acts as an example of how you could use colours in your projects. It is a very little cool that helps a lot.

Another useful website is ColorHexa. With this website, you can find information about any colour. Besides, it also generates matching colour palettes.

Is ColorHex not enough for you? Well, here is another website called Palletable. This website uses the knowledge of millions of designers to generate beautiful colour palettes for you. Give it a go and see for yourself.

Oh, are you looking for gradients? We got you covered too! Check uiGradients for awesome gradients. It is straightforward to generate them, and they look beautiful.

That is all about colours and gradients. You are more than equipped to build excellent websites now!


These are some resources I could not add anywhere. As a result, I add them to this section. Let’s see more amazing web development resources, then!

The first resource is a portfolio builder. Using this website, you can build a good looking web portfolio without coding a thing. Throw a look at Urspace, and start building that portfolio!

Secondly, you should try this CSS3 generator. It allows you to create transitions, transforms, flexbox, box-shadow, border-radius and many more. It is a cool and useful site.

The last resource is called ColorsAndFonts. Besides the obvious colours and fonts, the site provides much more resources. I am not going to spoil the party, and I will let you browse the site.


These are all the amazing web development resources I have for you. However, you can recommend more cool resources in the comments. Actually, I am looking forward to find more resources from you!

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