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Fullstack Web Development With React And Serverless

Fullstack Web Development With React and Serverless
Fullstack Web Development With React and Serverless

React and serverless are not buzzwords anymore, and for a long time now. The popular framework, React, is topping the charts, and it is still the most popular and used JavaScript framework. Thus, why not learn it? 

How about serverless then? In the simplest terms, with serverless computing, you upload your application code to a cloud provider (e.g. Amazon AWS), and it allocates dynamically the resources the application needs. It also executes your application after allocating the resources. If you want to read more about serverless, I encourage you to have a look at this article – what is serverless. Thus, why not learn it as well? React and serverless go well together.


As a result, I want to recommend you a course I am doing as well. Why do I recommend it? First of all, the instructor is a professional developer that knows what he talks about. Secondly, it teaches you a lot of additional useful information. 

By doing this course, you do not learn only React and serverless. You also learn about source control (Git/GitHub), CSS in JS with Styled Components, JSON Web Tokens, and so on. 

They are good technologies to have under your belt, and some of them like Git, are even crucial. Why is that? Git is essential because all companies use version control. Enough talk, though. I will let you try the course.


This article is not a sales article. I enjoy the course, and the instructor is a professional. It is a great course that teaches you React, serverless and many more. See the list of all topics:

  • Modern React including Hooks and the Context API
  • Source Control with Git/Github
  • CSS in JSS using Styled Components
  • Store Data using the Airtable API
  • Secure applications using JSON Web Tokens
  • Build and Deploy Serverless Functions in Netlify
  • Create a Light/Dark Mode
  • Deploy to Netlify using Continuous Integration

You can buy the course here. The cool thing is that you can pay in four instalments of $7.50, which makes it very accessible and attractive. If you buy the course, let me know. I am interested to see your opinion. 



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