How Do I Manage Work And Twitter? 🤷‍♂️

I believe I get this question weekly, if not daily. “How can you tweet so much and also work?” is one of the most popular questions I receive. The answer is very simple and straightforward.

As you all might guess, I schedule ninety per cent of my tweets. That means I do not have to stay on Twitter all the time to tweet. Also, sometimes I have ideas spontaneously, and I go on Twitter and tweet them. Besides that, when I work, and I have to wait for my changes to deploy, I can quickly check Twitter. Also, I tweet or schedule tweets in my lunch breaks.

Work is not affected by Twitter, as I do not put off work to stay on Twitter. You can absolutely do both without problems.


Again, there is no trick or secret. Also, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can do both of them – work and tweet. Especially now that Twitter added the ability to schedule tweets straight from their website.

By the way, check the Frequently Asked Questions page. As you can imply from the name, I answer questions people ask me frequently. 


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