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How To Get Programming Project Ideas πŸ€”

Do you want to build projects, but you struggle to get programming project ideas? Do you wonder how you could get some ideas? Well, look no further. In this article, I am going to explain how you can get some inspiration to practise your programming skills.

It does not matter what type of developer you are because the advice applies to all of you. Let’s jump straight in.


“Wait; what?” You might ask. But bare with me. Let’s pretend you are a frontend developer. However, you do not have any project ideas to practise your programming skills. Therefore, you can go on YouTube and find a person that builds backend tutorials, but one that does not have excellent designing skills. As you might guess, the application does not look very nice.

What you could do is to build the application from the tutorial, and create the frontend for it. Be aware; I do NOT say to copy someone else’s work. You should credit the other person and explain clearly what you did and what you took from the tutorial. I never encourage copying because that is bad. Putting copying aside, you can switch scenarios if you are a backend developer. Find good frontend tutorials on YouTube, and build the backend for them.

Besides improving your existing skills, you might also learn new skills. Doing this technique over a period of time, you might transition yourself to a full stack developer.


This technique is not rocket science. As a result, the article is short as well. Getting programming project ideas is as simple as that.

What I want you to understand is that you must not copy someone else’s work. Build the application from the tutorial, give credit to the author, and add your part. Additionally, you could even message the author and ask for approval. However, given that he/she published the tutorial online, I would assume he/she is fine with it as long as you give credits.

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