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Catalin Pit

Hello there!

I am Catalin Pit, and I am mainly interested in Web Development. However, I do not limit myself only to these two areas. I also find Cloud Computing fascinating. When time allows me, I like to fiddle with AWS and the cloud in general.

Additionally, I managed to create an online presence with my blog and YouTube channel, which are accessed by more than 4000 people monthly. If we consider my social media accounts, more than 100,000 people see my content every month. I am proud of it because it allows me to reach people all over the world and hopefully help them. Enough vanity metrics. Lastly, I am also part of the AWS Community Builders program.

When it comes to future plans, I want to deepen my knowledge about Fullstack and Cloud Development. Moreover, I plan on continuing to grow my blog and YouTube channel. Hopefully, I will be able to reach and help even more people. Or at least entertain them. The best things you can do is to teach and entertain people.

Life outside tech

Do I have a life outside tech as well? You bet. Life is more than working, and I do not want to live my life in front of a computer. Outside tech, I enjoy riding my quad through thick, deep mud. But that's not my only hobby. I also like gaming, and I often play CS GO.

Lastly, I am an old-school person that likes to read physical books. I need to feel the books in my hands, and I cannot stand reading digital books (even though I have to do it sometimes).

With that being said, I am looking forward to retiring from tech, buy a ranch, a quad and have fun with my wife for the remainder of my life.

What else

This is not a pitch to make you DONATE to me! I do not live off donations, and I do not care too much about them. You do not have to donate, but if you do, I will be deeply grateful.

Would it help me? Absolutely yes.

Would I be sad if I would get donations? Absolutely not.

There are other things that would help me though, and they cost $0:

  • sharing my videos and articles online if you enjoyed them
  • liking, commenting, subscribing to my stuff
  • interacting with me


Thank you for reading up to this point, if you did. If you want to connect on other platforms, check my other accounts.

Until next time,

Catalin Pit

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