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How To Approach Programming As A Code Newbie 🤔

I get lots of messages on Twitter regarding this subject – how to approach programming as a code newbie. How to get started? What resources to use? What path to follow? And many more questions. As a result, I have decided to write an article about this subject, so I can refer people here rather […]

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How To Get Programming Project Ideas 🤔

Do you want to build projects, but you struggle to get programming project ideas? Do you wonder how you could get some ideas? Well, look no further. In this article, I am going to explain how you can get some inspiration to practise your programming skills. It does not matter what type of developer you […]

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Impostor Syndrome – A Developer’s Best Friend

Reading the title, you might say something is wrong with me. But I dare to repeat it. The impostor syndrome is a developer’s best friend when appropriately managed. I also believe that the impostor syndrome is more prominent in software development due to the large volume of knowledge you need to possess, and the constant […]