Websites That Pay You To Write Technical Articles

Getting paid to write technical articles is a great way to supplement your income. Especially if you already write articles for your blog. However, the first question that arises is "how can I get opportunities?", which was my question too.

As a result, I want to list a handful of websites that pay you to write technical articles for them. You can see their name, the URL, and the approximate sum they pay you.

Websites that pay you

Therefore, let us see the websites you can pitch to write articles. The most popular publications are as follows:

NameRate per articleDescriptionURL
TwilioUp to $500 per articleYou are not required to use Twilio. You need to write articles with
Auth0Up to $300 per articleYou pick topics from a list of possible articlesAuth0
Soshace$100 per articleYou pick topics from a list of possible articlesSoshace
StackOverflowUnknownThere are no limitations on the topicsStackOverflow
WPHubUp to $200 per articleTutorials about WordpressWPHub
VonageUp to $500 per articleTechnical tutorialsVonage
CircleCIUp to $300 per articleYou can pick from a list of possible topicsCircleCI
Clubhouse IoUp to $600 per articlePick from a list of possible topics. Technical tutorials, and how-to
Code Tuts+$100 for tips, and $250 for tutorialsPick from a list of possible articlesCode Tuts+
TutorialspointUp to $500 per articleVarious technical topics. You pick from a list of topicsTutorialspoint
CSS TricksUp to $250 per articleCSS articlesCSS Tricks
Digital OceanUp to $400 per articleArticles about OSS, infrastructure, cloud hosting, Linux, and more. It's not limited to their productsDigital Ocean
HasuraUp to $300 per articleArticles including Hasura or GraphQLHasura
TestDriven IoUp to $500 per articleWeb development tutorials designed to teach critical skills needed to test, launch, scale, and optimize applicationsTestDriven Io


Be aware; I did not come with this list of publications. I put together (most of) the publications from Paid Community Writer Programs, and Who Pays Technical Writers together. Also, in the article you can see some of the most popular publications. For a more comprehensive list, with more publications, visit the above links.

Therefore, I hope it helps you to create an additional income. Also, keep an eye on these two sources in case they add more publications.

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Nice list, do you have hands-on experience with one of these?

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This is an amazing read, thanks for sharing!

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FaunaDB also pays writers

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Would be interesting to hear from someone with experience, what are pros and cons about the different sites.

I assume while it's tempting to pick those who pay most, it's easier to start earning from those who pay least.

Erisan Olasheni's photo Upto $200 and $100 kill fee.

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thanks for sharing, Catalin 🤘 I am quite surprised by some of them. Didn't think people get paid for articles.

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Thanks for the tips Catalin Pit!

How do these typically work, do you still own the content, or are they paying for sole ownership of the content?

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The platform takes ownership.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!

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This is an amazing read and came at the right time. Seems I'm going to do this for the money aswell. Thanks for Sharing!

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Awesome 😍, thanks for sharing!

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This is a great read, thanks for sharing

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Wow. Thanks for sharing this list Catalin!

It's gonna be very helpful :)

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I didn't know this option existed. Thanks a lot for this.

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