Your Blog Articles Should Solve Problems - Not Meet A Word Quota

One thing that put me off from writing articles was the myth that articles should be 2000 words long or more. I believe you have seen at least once someone saying that long articles are good for SEO, and so on. While it is not bad if you write in-depth articles, you do not have to do it.

The focus of an article should be on solving a specific problem. The focus should not be on meeting a word quote; if it is not 2000 words long, it does not mean the article is not useful. The idea came to me from a prolific blogger - Flavio Copes. Flavio said something along the lines of "solve a problem, do not worry about the length of the article".

Less is more

The saying "less is more" could not fit better here. If you can explain a concept in 400 words, do not add unnecessary information to have more words. Most people skim through the articles to find the information they need. The easier you make it for them, the more people you help.

Keeping your articles concise and to the point, it is even more important in software development. When we search for a solution online, we do not want to read 2000 words essays; unless it is a more complicated topic. We have limited time, and we want a solution to our problem quickly.


Always remember that it does not matter how short an article is, as long as it solves a problem. The focus of your articles should be on solving problems, not meeting a word quota.