3 Reasons Why I Started A YouTube Channel As An Introverted Developer

Once in a while, I like to challenge myself and do things that are way out of my comfort zone. Speaking in front of people is out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to change that.

Thus, here I am, creating YouTube videos. I confront some of my biggest fears by making them, which you will see in this article. But it's not about only fears. Creating videos teaches you useful skills that apply in other areas as well. For example, you learn how to improve your body language.

Therefore, without further ado, let's continue further!

YouTube is everywhere

One of the reasons why I started a YouTube channel is that YouTube is everywhere. We have it on our smartphones, TVs, tablets, laptops and so on. That means there is a big audience you can reach.

Let's contrast that with an article. People are more likely to sit on a couch, turn the TV on and watch your video. On the opposite side, how likely is for them to read an article? My point is that a video is more accessible, and it's also easier to digest it. To read an article, you have to put a little bit more effort.

Therefore, YouTube being everywhere is one of the reasons that pushed me to start a YouTube channel.

A big introvert

You might be surprised, but I am an introvert in real life. I am not as extrovert as I seem to be online. As a result, I was afraid of speaking in front of people.

With my YouTube channel's help, I tackle this fear by speaking in front of an online audience. After just a handful of videos, I am not afraid to record and put myself out there anymore. Quite the opposite, I enjoy doing so. That is something I did not know I would say.

Thus, I would say it might be worth trying things you are afraid of, and the ones that take you out of your comfort zone. You might enjoy them afterwards!

It's fun

For myself, it's fun, and I enjoy it. At first, it was painful to create videos. It would take me hours just to record a 5-minute video. As soon as the camera started, I would forget what I have to say. Or, I would stutter a lot.

But after tens of videos, you get better at this. Nowadays, I record a video in maximum 2 or 3 takes, in the worst case. Overall, it's a wholesome experience that teaches you lots of things!

The end

I just wanted to write a short article about the reasons behind my YouTube channel. I had the channel for a short time, but I already learnt and improved a lot.

Also, it's nice to look back and see how far I came. That's why I made this video: