7 Resources To Get Started With Developer Relations

For the past few days, I researched intensively about Developer Relations. It's a fascinating field, and it's something I aim to do in the future.

Why? Besides programming, I like to create content, get in touch with people, share knowledge, and help others as well. My blog and YouTube channel shows that - the passion for creating content.

Therefore, by researching, I came across a handful of resources I want to share with you. I promised myself I am going to stop hoarding resources. Instead, I will share them from now on.

Note: I do not get any commission or anything. I share the resources in case someone might need them.


Unfortunately, I only came across one ebook about Developer Relations. The ebook is superbly-written, full of insights, and it might be the only one you need.

The ebook is called Getting Started in Developer Relations and it's written by Sam Julien. Sam is a manager of developer relations at Auth0 and a great DevRel. Besides his ebook, he has a great blog and newsletter.

As I said, it's the only ebook I know. If you know other ebooks/books, leave a link to them in the comments.

YouTube videos

There are probably more YouTube videos about DevRel, but here is the one I found super useful:

In the video, Phill Leggetter talks about the return on investment of Developer Relations. He shares his experiences and opinions on what you can, should and can't measure. It's a really interesting video!


Thankfully, I have more articles to share than ebooks and YouTube videos. Below, you can see the articles I found helpful and insightful (in no particular order):

These articles help you get an overall idea about DevRel. It also helps you understand the difference between the different areas such as Developer Advocacy, Developer Envagelism, Developer Experience, etc.

Fun fact: One of the articles includes a "DevRelOMeter". The "DevRelOMeter" "tells" you whether you will be practising Developer Evangelism or Advocacy. Read the articles to find out which one contains the DevRelOMeter.


These are the resources that helped me understand what Developer Relations are about. I hope they are going to help you as well!

Keep in mind that the list of resources from this article is not exhaustive. If you know other useful resources, I'd be more than happy to include them! Thus, feel free to drop them in the comments.