Goodbye Chrome… hello, Edge?!

If you search "the most popular browsers" on the internet, you'll see Google Chrome at the top of all lists. And not only is it in the first place, but it's a huge difference between it and the others.

In most lists, Chrome has around 60% market share, while the 2nd place - Safari, has approximately 19%. A huge difference!

So, we could say that this browser is pretty popular, right? Why would anyone switch from Chrome to anything else?

What's the problem with Chrome?

So, why did I give up on Chrome? Easy. It's a resource hog. It consumes too many resources for a browser. While I have a powerful laptop that can handle it, I'm not too fond of the fact that it drains my battery quickly.

A screenshot that shows Google Chrome taking a lot of resources on Mac

But anyway, the reason why I went from Chrome to Edge is not entirely Chrome's fault. Even though it's a resource hog, I'm very used to it and like it.

But the Edge features are brilliant. Let me explain.

What attracted me to Edge

The main feature that attracted me to Edge was the Copilot. To keep it short, Copilot in Edge is an AI feature like ChatGPT. I believe anyone is familiar with ChatGPT and understands the purpose of such a tool.

A screenshot of the Copilot feature from the Microsft Edge browser

Copilot is really good, and it's free!

Another feature that I enjoy is the vertical sidebar for tabs. I like having the tabs vertically because you can easily see and swap between them.

A screenshot of the vertical sidebar feature in the Microsft Edge browser

And, of course, it's less resource-intensive than Chrome, which is an enormous plus.

Lastly, it runs on Chromium, and you can also easily import your Chrome data, making it a smooth transition.

With that being said, these are the main reasons that attracted me to the Edge browser. I've heard about other great features, such as an inbuilt ad blocker, the ability to split-screen in the same tab, a generative AI app that allows you to create images and designs from prompts, and other features. I'm looking forward to exploring all these features.


Will I stick with Edge for the long term? Can't say yes. Can't say no. It depends on how things unfold and how other browsers react. I don't get attached to tools; I use the ones that help me the most and make my life easier.

The next browser to try on my list is Brave. I've heard really good things about it, and I'm curious. Until then, I'll see what Edge has to offer further.